Raddoluwa Abinawarama Temple, founded in 1952, belongs to the theravada tradition serves the society and the Buddhist families with dhamma dana activities, sila , education, meditation, soccial service and self development activities while maintaining traditional Buddhist rituals.

The Abhinawarama temple was founded by late Mr. Ceedee Silva who was the sole donator of the full land extent and Arama complex and handed over to the late Rev. Raddoluwe Ariyawansa Thero in 1952 and he became the first Dayaka of the Temple.

Presently Rev. Raddoluwe Amarawansa Nayaka Thero of Amarapura Nikaya serves the temple with more than 60 years maintains the traditional therawada buddhist rituals for the Buddhist families in and around the Raddoluwa together with Rev. Seeduwe Suimanawansa Thero who heads the Dhahampasala and contributed greatest effort developing the temple. The Abinavarama temple lives in harmony with surrounding multi religious community and conduct all dhana pinkam, Bhodi pooja, Sila and Bhawana activities.

All temple activities are conducted, managed and supervised by the Dhayyaka Sabha body of the dedicated volunteers Buddhist Upasaka and Upasika of the Raddoluwa, Raddolugama and the all diverted villages around.

The Abhinawarama Temple opens to all community and welcomes anyone who would like to join the Dhayaka Sabha and served the temple and the society.

There are various activities conducted by the temple. Katina Pinkama is the main event conducted with the support of the main Dayaka and the temple. Dhamma School comprise of more than 400 Students and a pre-school is conducted by experienced teaches to little once. Bodhipooja is conducted by resident reverents’ in the evenings and Temple is opened for Bhawana Paya (Meditation Hour) and karmayogi activities from 6am-7am.

Raddoluwa Abhinawarama Truth Foundation is launched to conduct various Dhamma Dhana activity to promote Buddhism as learning ground and anyone who is volunteer to dedicate themselves for the love of Buddhism and to help take the dhamma to the new world please join with us. Contact: Hemal Fernando on 0777-323616 for further details.

Abhiwarama Temple needs support to develop further and open for anyone who wants to donate, offerings and please contact Rev. Amarawansa Nayaka thero on 011-2292313 or contact the secretary of the Dhayaka Sabha Mr. Ranjan De Silva on 077-2538505 \

Thank you for visiting our website. You can send your suggestions and requisitions by E-mail info@abhiwarama.com

May you be happy and peaceful.
Theruwan Saranai.
In Meththa
Raddoluwa Abhinawarama Dayaka Sabha.